Changing Workforce Demands Diversity and Flexibility
linknxtgen | Jun 15, 2019

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Author: By Andrés Colón Perez & Alberto Colón-Viera

Today’s workforce is changing — not only with younger generations of employees but with all types of workers, especially contractors.

For author and consultant Alexandra Levit the changes are important. They are the major trends affecting the workplace of tomorrow.

She and Forbes analyst, brand strategist and TalentCulture chief executive officer Meghan M. Biro discussed why it’s a competitive advantage to have a flexible and systemized contract workforce.

“I get to work with people from all generations — from brand-new college grads to people in their 70s,” Biro said. “Age diversity definitely makes our workforce richer.
“We’re all going to have the opportunity to learn how to communicate with people who come from a different generation,” she said. “That’s a challenge, but honestly, it’s fun and keeps me young.”
Communication will make or break workforce relationships.

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