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A hybrid project, process and resource management tool that uses advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support better decision making and automate business processes and responses throughout the life cycle of complex projects.

LinkNxtGen, Making it Easy to ‘Trust the Process’




In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enterprises that have years of accumulated know-how can differentiate themselves by infusing applications like LinkNxtGen into their business operations. LinkNxtGen's simple, powerful and robust tools allow employees to track updates in real time, accurately monitor scheduled deadlines and tracks progress of their tasks/projects — from concept to completion. In addition, leadership performance is immeasurably strengthened by LinkNxtGen’s ability to inform, augment, and automate the decision making processes.

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Beyond a checklist

Stop dealing with the complexities of multiple architectures across your enterprise. LinkNxtGen is a complete project and process management platform. Achieve ongoing success by having the right elements in place. LinkNxtGen can:

Provide a high-level overview of projects making it easy to allocate resources
Implement Artificial Intelligence driven decisions to impact your bottom line in real time
Use key metrics to make strategic and informative decisions about your task, processes and projects
Increase efficiency by sharing information in real time on things happening in the workplace

How It works

Our successful use of Artificial Intelligence technologies is at the heart of the LinkNxtGen application. LinkNxtGen processes 5 distinct levels of information; TASKS, STEPS, PROCESSES, PROCEDURES and PROJECTS.

1 'Tasks' and 'Steps' are groups of data gathered by individual entries. LinkNxtGen uses Machine Learning technology to gather, access and provide minute-to-minute information about team members’ workload, capacity and availability so you can make sound decisions about assigning in-coming work.
2 'Processes' are a collection of 'Tasks'. Our powerful, flexible, and robust reporting engine allows you to view the entire project instantly, in as much -- or as little -- detail as you need. With LinkNxtGen you can plan, track, automate, and adjust key workflows. The insight you gain will help you streamline your efforts and hit every milestone.
3 'Procedures' are a collection of 'Steps' and 'Projects' are composed of a customized group of selected Processes and Procedures. LinkNxtGen allows you to securely protect and control access to features and project information. Our 2-level encrypted validation process requires domain verification on both the platform provider's server and organization's server.

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LinkNxtGen is a hybrid resource management, project management and process and procedure management tool based on Industry best practices. LinkNxtGen captures detailed, self-reported information on the processes, procedures,

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Resource Management

  • Employee level input.
    Allows you to fix potential issues early on.
  • Transparency.
    Know how much time is allocated to each step in a process and how it affects your budget.
  • Control "scope creep".
    Get a complete picture of all your project's moving parts. Confidently identify items outside your project’s parameters.
  • Project dashboards.
    Keep your team informed and focused on the work at hand. Easily share dashboards with customized member groups.
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Project and Process Management

  • Real-time analytics.
    Accurately visualize project performance.
  • Lean processes & procedures in near real-time.
    With our metrics "do more with less" in a precise and intelligent manner.
  • Identify and modify at-risk projects.
    Drill-down into budget effecting pain-points.
  • Improve standardization.
    Implement changes and immediately see the impact on your project’s budget
  • Manage client delivables.
    Set realistic expectations for stakeholders and track status of deliverables & actionable items.
  • Role-based permissions security.
    Control access and visibility of project data
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Custom Reporting

  • Customized views.
    See just what you need to see.
  • Data-driven insight.
    Make data-informed decisions based on historical info.
  • Monitor and improve your team's efficiency.
    Forecast upcoming hiring needs.
  • Control your project's budget.
    Easily set up fees, time, or expense tracking budget categories.
  • Create custom analytics reports.
    Easily share reporting with stakeholders.
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